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10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Phone: 386-454-3120


The High Springs Chamber of Commerce consists of residents, civic leaders, business professionals and merchants who desire to enhance the economic opportunity of the community and the area. Members also share an interest in maintaining the unique appeal of High Springs as it continues to experience positive economic growth.

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To carry out its mission, the Chamber undertakes a number of important community activities. These activities cover a broad range and the objective is always to support our business community while enhancing and improving the quality of life in High Springs.

Our Chamber puts forth a sincere effort to aid the community and to make High Springs a prosperous and beautiful place in which to live and transact business. We encourage doing business and shopping in High Springs.  In this way we share in its prosperity and support the community that is important to all of us.

We hold a monthly Mixer/General Membership Meeting.   During the Mixer we get acquainted with new members, swap business cards, share ideas on how to improve our businesses and discuss ways to improve the business community in High Springs.  All this while enjoying a fine meal and lovely social hour.

During the General Membership Meeting we receive a report from each Chamber officer and committee manager, are informed of the latest progress and projects of the High Springs Board of Commissioners, the governing  body of our community, and are informed about upcoming events and/or needs in the community.

The Chamber sponsors several annual events throughout the year that are designed to contribute to the support of our business community and the prosperity and enjoyment of our residents. Our Annual Awards Banquet, held in January, honors a Citizen of the Year, as well as welcoming our new slate of officers.  

The High Springs Chamber of Commerce can only be as good as the members who actively support the organization and its mission. If you are new to the area, or are thinking of joining for the first time, we welcome you.  If you have any questions, the Chamber office is staffed Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 2:00pm; we welcome your questions and inquiries.